Administrators Ministry- Appointed by the Pastor to handle all of the finances of the church. In addition the administrator’s ministry handles all purchases and negotiations for church properties and vehicle purchases. They also support and uphold the vision of the Pastor and encourage the membership to partner with the vision.

Diaconate Ministry- Appointed and consecrated by the Pastor to serve at the pleasure of the Pastor in a role that assist the Pastor and ministry team in caring for the congregation. They will serve communion and pray for the sick and shut in, assist the new converts and the spiritually weak. They also support and uphold the vision of the Pastor and encourage the membership to partner with the vision.

Media Ministry, Ministry Lead: Brother Patrick Carter and Minister Michael Dykes

The media ministry ensures that each person that enters the sanctuary can hear and see clearly. They ensure that the praise team has the right sound, that the ministry monitors are clearly seen throughout the sanctuary and that the weekly message is recorded and edited. They will produce our Conquerors Television broadcast in the days to come.

Music and Arts Ministry

MTC Praise Team This ministry is responsible for ministry through song. The praise team ushers in the spirit of God by singing Praise and Worship songs

New Generation Children’s Choir

Giving our youth the opportunity to share their ministry gifts through song. This interactive group of young people has an anointing to usher in the spirit of God.

Ordered Steps Liturgical Dance Ministry- This ministry is designed to worship God through dance. They minister at one service per month and continue to look for energetic dancers to serve.

Covered- This is our mime ministry that is growing. There is a place on Covered for you.

Culinary- Ensures that when ever food or refreshments are needed, that they will be provided in an Excellent fashion. Hot food will be hot and cold food will be cold. They provide quality service with a smile.

Hospitality – Ensures that each member of the ministry is consistently remembered on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and special events. This group assists the greeters in their functions as well.

Transportation- through our church bus and vans we ensure that each person gets to church and getsback home from church. The transportation team also supports other church events as well.

Community Development and Expansion Ministry This ministry is responsible for making sure that our community stays informed of what More Than Conquerors Worship Center is all about. This ministry assists in benevolent request and evangelism efforts.